New Glass / Photonics

Based on technology acquired in the glass bottle business, Yamamura Group has developed new glass materials for use in information technology, the environment and electronics. Also, our glass-to-metal seal (GTMS) technology is used to manufacture various products for photonics and electronics industries.

Glass Powders

Glass Powders

Powdered glass for plasma display panels (PDP), sintering additives for chip and electrodes, glazes, LTCC sheets, sealing, insulation, etc.

Glass Ring / Rod / Paste

Glass Ring/Rod/Paste

Powdered glass is processed into glass paste, glass rings, and glass rods used for the sealing and adhesion of metals, alumina, glass, and silicon

LTCC Green Sheet

LTCC Green Sheet

Yamamura's LTCC green sheet can be sintered by less than 900 degC temperature. It features high strength, low loss, low dielectric constant, and stable dimension. It is used in the high frequency circuit, car electronics, LED substrate and other various high quality application , minimum size, and low profile. Pb-free products are available.

Lens Cap

Lens Caps

In the 1980's, Yamamura Group developed flat window caps for semiconductor laser packaging by our GTMS technology. Using this technology we can create air-tight seals between glass/lens/crystal glass/sapphire and metal surface. The major applications of this technology are fiber optics communications, laser beam printers, and others.